Sunday 10:45am - Service:

Meetings are suspended until the coronavirus restrictions are lifted. However, we will continue our livestream broadcast as usual so that anyone can worship with us in their own homes. 

Watch a live video stream of our service at 10:45am UK time Sunday mornings by subscribing to the Knebworth Grace Church YouTube channel.

We have the same intention as Henry Mahan's who wrote:


Where can I go this Lord's Day and hear the mercy of God, not the mechanics of grace? Where can I go and hear the love of Christ and not the law of God for saints? Where can I go and hear of the righteousness of God fulfilled by Christ and not the righteousness of the creature to be rewarded by God? Let us say, by God's grace, this will be the place and I will be the preacher.


The message will not be flowery but full of grace; it will not be with enticing words of man's wisdom but the sovereign mercy of God to helpless sinners in a language all men understand. Let the scholars, theologians and authors go elsewhere to have their intellects "challenged." Lord make me your voice to your people!

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